Western Union Patch

The time-frame to request & redeem a FREE Western Union patch for historic purchases of the 17/18 Liverpool FC Shirts has now expired.

From the start of the 2017-18 season all Liverpool FC shirts will carry the Western Union sleeve sponsor patch for all EPL & Cup games. The patch will not be applied to the kit for Champions League or Europa League games as the shirts will carry the Champions League star ball, 5 times and respect patches.

The Western Union patch are available free of charge to all LFC fans that have purchased a 2017-18 Liverpool FC shirt either online by filling out this form or in store from Sunday 27th August until 31st October 2017.

Further information and full FAQs are available here.

The patch is a self-application iron on patch which can be applied as per the instructions below. Please ensure you read all instructions before starting. ALL PATCHES MUST BE APPLIED BY AN ADULT.

1. Lay the left sleeve flat on the ironing board, avoiding any seams
2. Set your Iron to the wool setting with no steam
3. Insert the card provided inside the sleeve beneath the logo position
4. Position the logo as per the image on the LFC shirt
5. Place the paper over the logo and sleeve
6. Place the iron over the logo and apply firm pressure for 60 seconds. DO NOT allow the iron to contact the shirt
7. Remove the iron and peel the clear film and allow to cool

Please ensure the iron covers all of the logo. Do not wash for 48 hours. Any variation from the application instruction will result in a poor application. LFC accept no liability for damaged garments or poor application.