'This Is Anfield' CD

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这章精美的CD带你在比赛开始前酝酿情绪 含有Liverpool FC 经典曲目:-You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry & The Pacemakers Pass & Move - Liverpool F.C. and the Bootroom Boyz Anfield Rap - Liverpool F.C. Ferry Cross The Mersey - Gerry & The Pacemakers Liverpool Liverpool - Liverpool F.C. 1971/72 We Can Do It - Liverpool F.C. 1976/77 Let's All Go To Wembley - The Kop Choir Liverpool Lou - Liverpool F.C.1976/77 Sitting On Top Of The World - Liverpool F.C. 1986 Michael Owen - Boy Wonder - Lady Helen Of Anfield My Liverpool - Kop Limited with Lenny Rich Scouser Tommy - Billy Maher Liverpool (We're Never Gonna Stop) Liverpool F.C. 1983 We Are Liverpool - Liverpool F.C. 1978 England - Kevin Keegan Liverpool We Love You - The Kopites We Shall Not Be Moved - Liverpool F.C. 1976/77 Kenny D The Pride Of Liverpool - Liverpool F.C. 1989 with Peter Howitt Liverpool Boys Are In Town - Dan You'll Never Walk Alone - The Kop Choir 材质:   塑料   尺寸: 12.5 x 14厘米