LFC 红色儿童T恤 Owen McVeigh基金会


LFC Junior Owen McVeigh Foundation T-Shirt Red 

The Owen McVeigh range commemorates the life of Owen, a passionate Red who tragically died at the age of 11 shortly after being diagnosed with leukaemia in December 2015.

The Owen McVeigh Foundation was established in his honour, with the aim of enriching the lives of local children suffering with cancer by providing them and their families with money-cannot-buy experiences.

This red, 100% cotton t-shirt features the poignant silhouetted image of a dad and lad, hand in hand and carries the simple message of “It’s off to the match we go.”


All profits go to the Owen McVeigh Foundation 


LFC 红色儿童T恤 Owen McVeigh基金会

Owen McVeigh系列是为了纪念Owen,Owen是一位充满激情的红人,他在2015年12月被诊断患有白血病后不久便在11岁时不幸去世。

Owen McVeigh基金会的成立是为了纪念他,旨在通过为他们及其家人提供金钱也无法购买的经验来丰富当地患有癌症的儿童的生活。

这款红色100%纯棉T恤特点是由爸爸和小男孩的感人手拉手轮廓图像,传递着一个简单的信息-- It's off to the match we go。


所有的利润都归Owen McVeigh基金会所有